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Glass & Window transluscent films

Window films for decoration and privacy

Window films: decoration and enclosed privacy
Windows are omnipresent in modern architecture, brightening up desks, airports, shops, ... A great dose of natural light is an undeniable asset for any building, but unfortunately we do tend to pay for it with our privacy. The solution: adding window film.

Window films for enclosed privacy

Glass surfaces create a feeling of spaciousness and let natural light filter in. However, they also give free reign to prying eyes. Adding Glass Decor stickers allows you to enjoy an abundance of natural light without compromising your privacy. Whether you use them indoors or outdoors, self-adhesive window films help create a private space.

Decorative window films

Privacy is not the sole advantage of window films. There are several types of decorative window films that instantly enhance (shop) windows as well. Glass Decor, for instance, is available in three finishes (frosted, dusted or sandblasted) and five colours (Offshore Blue, Refreshing Mint, Sparkling Yellow, Romantic Rose and Luxurious Gold).

A frosted, dusted or sandblasted effect

MACal Glass Decor is specially treated to ensure a perfectly consistent transparent finish. The transparent window film with etched glass effect lets natural light in and at the same time enhances the atmosphere of the room.

Applying a window film with etched glass effect in dusted finish adds a touch of inventiveness to any space, interior or exterior. This type of film offers plenty of possibilities in terms of creative design while ensuring a maximum dose of natural light.

Effortless application with B-Free adhesive

Mactac films adhere well to glass surfaces thanks to our special adhesives. Our B-Free adhesives ensure a perfect and swift application of all kinds of sticker decorations. The microstructure of the adhesive layer allows the air bubbles escape and make sure the surface is not ruined by any bubbles or wrinkles.

A wide range of possibilities

Both our transparent and coloured films can be cut to cover parts of or entire windows. This allows any company to select the window film that fits their need for both privacy and ample natural lighting.