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  • MACmark - CastRap 189-00 BF Evershine

    Self-healing black coloured film, 120 µm high gloss cast PVC/PU, 5 years durability - offers supperior protection agains abrasion, UV lights and acid rain

    PVC, 5 year(s)

  • Wrapping Films - TF 800 BF Stellar

    Dual layer cast film, 120 µm. Available in 8 gloss sparkling colors. Easy to apply , fast and without bubbles with Bubble Free technology (micro-structured material adhesive)

    Cast PVC, 5 year(s)

  • Wrapping Films - TF Brushed BF

    Embossed polymeric wrapping Film, brushed metal effect. 140 µm, easy apply bubble-free technology (micro-structured material adhesive)

    Polymeric PVC, 5 year(s)

  • Wrapping Films - TF Velvet

    Flocked cast vinyl, 900 µm, with velvet appearence and touch, 900 µm

    Cast PVC, 4 year(s)