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  • JT 8300 CG-RT Dot

    Clear gloss PVC 120 µm with removable dotted adhesive. JT 8300 CG-RT Dot is even easier to handle than products with a air egress allowing employees of commercial spaces to easily achieve the application of promotional graphics

    Monomeric PVC, 1 year(s)

  • JT 8300 WM-RT Dot

    Soft calendered monomeric PVC film of 120 μm JT 8300 WM-RT Dot has a white matt finish

    PVC, 1 year(s)

  • JT 8300 WM-RT Dot Floors

    White matt PVC 200 µm with removable dotted adhesive - JT 8300 Dot Floors brings the power of Dots to floor graphic applications, and does not require a laminate for anti-slip properties.

    Monomeric PVC, 3 month(s)