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  • Tools - Mactac Cleaner

    A high performance cleaner designed for cleaning various types of surfaces prior to self-adhesive film application

  • Tools - Mactac Application Fluid

    Mactac Application Fluid is designed to support the wet application of various types of Mactac materials on glass surfaces

  • Tools - Mactac Remover

    Powerful solution designed to remove adhesive residue from substrates.

  • Tools - Squeegees

    To facilitate the application of lettering and other media, Mactac offers 3 types of squeegees hard, soft and felt squeegees

  • Tools - TagAway

    TagAway is a biodegradable graffiti remover designed for getting rid of the most difficult paints and staining agents

  • Tools - Pizzie

    The ultimate accessory for the application of film (WW 100 Pro) on bricks. A little finishing roller specially designed to pass between the joints in bricks and eliminate any bubbles.