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Which films to choose for your vehicle wraps?

JT 5917
Vehicle wrapping consists of covering a vehicle partially or completely with self-adhesive films.

Mactac has several films on offer that are especially designed for this purpose: you can apply them perfectly to 3D surfaces (convex, concave, …) such as car bonnets, wheel arches and doors. The majority of these films are equipped with the latest “Bubble Free” adhesive technology. Thanks to the microstructure of this adhesive layer, you can apply the film quickly and effortlessly. Moreover, any air bubbles or wrinkles are easy to push out.

Wrapping trucks, trains, motorcycles, boats, jet-skis…? You name it!

‘Vehicle wrapping’ covers many things. Mactac has designed a large variety of self-adhesive films which you can use to wrap virtually any type of vehicle, from buses, trains, company cars and race cars to SUVs, trucks, vans, motorcycles, jet-skis and boats. You name it!

When to use which kind of film?

There are three main reasons to wrap a vehicle. First of all, to customize and personalise it. Second, to put a message across (visual communication). Finally, vehicle wrapping also serves to protect the vehicle.

1/ Customize your vehicle to make it look brand-new or unique

Full car wraps demand the best possible flexibility and ease of use. The Mactac ColourWrap Series offers - in cast quality - 50 different coloured wrapping films. That includes gloss, gloss metallic, matt and matt metallic finishes. It all means the 3D-conformable cast performance you need for vehicle wrapping and a head-turning result.

You can also use these films for boat customisation.*

The self-adhesive films of the TF series (which are polymeric grade coloured films) are also a way to get unique, and creative vehicle wraps. Available in 30 various colours and textures including velvet finish, TF series is an easy going alternative for personalising your vehicle.

When it comes to personalising your vehicle, the sky is the limit!

2/ Making your brand travel with car wrapping films

If you want to turn your vehicle into a full-fledged communication device, our IMAGin printable films are the way to go. Your printed labels, lettering or images should be protected by an self-adhesive laminate layer that keeps the colours from fading. These printable films offer infinite graphic possibilities if you’re looking to create a stunning and original visual or graphic effect.

How to keep the colour and print of self-adhesive films from fading?

To keep the self-adhesive films looking impeccable, Mactac has developed special protective films such as CastLam and Horizon to protect digitally printed films and ShieldLam to protect coloured films (against discolouration, UV rays, scratching, rust and abrasions).


3/ Long-term protection of the bodywork

Nobody wants to see damage on their car from stone chips or scratches. The solution for keeping a vehicle’s showroom good look is Crystal Protect 150 - an ultra clear, high gloss PU film.

With new permanent acrylic adhesive Crystal Protect 150 brings you improved application performance; optimized initial tack, increased resistance against adhesive lines and stretch marks as well as better chemical resistance including IPA (alcohol).

Having been especially designed for clean and easy removal (without leaving residual adhesive), Mactac’s self-adhesive films are like a second skin that protects the body of a vehicle or the hull of a boat. What’s more: if you remove the film, you’ll find the vehicle underneath just like it was before you wrapped it. That means: no scratches or traces of erosion, no damage caused by stone chips, etcetera.

Our self-adhesive films are the perfect solution for, for instance, taxi companies that want their fleet to have a  recognisable look and want to be able to resell their cars at the best possible price.