Achieving excellence with mid-range polymeric films - JT 9500 & LF 9500 series

24 September 2018
Life's too short for conventional graphics
These films are designed for medium-term applications, and install easily on flat and slightly curved surfaces

The JT 9500 series is an outstanding choice for medium-term promotional and commercial applications.

White gloss, white matt and clear films come with a wide choice of adhesive technologies, along with good printing quality on all main platforms.

Additional visual impact, along with enhanced resistance to physical challenges, can be achieved using LF 9500 laminating films.

Advantages :

  • Suitable for flat and slightly curved (convex) non-porous surfaces
  • Good printability with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV inks
  • Available in white gloss, white matt and clear gloss films
  • Choice of adhesive technology: grey and transparent, removable, permanent & Bubble-free
  • Fully compatible with LF 9500 laminating films available in gloss & matt finishes
  • A range of widths & adhesive technologies (grey and transparent)

Specially developed for medium-term applications, indoor and outdoor use on flat and curved surfaces : Displays, shop windows and signage, Point of Sale, Bus, lorry and vehicle decoration.

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