11 September 2018
The BIG REVEAL of the Mactac Europe “Bright Young Things Take Hackney” graphic design competition, took place in Bohemia Place, Hackney, on the 6th September, with the unveiling of the impressive, colourful design of the winning artist, Linea Matei.
Speaking of the installation Linea explains: I was very inspired by the community in Hackney and it’s diversity of people and their stories. Through my research I learnt that Hackney is a community full of energy and passion."


Linea Matei, who was selected as the winner by a panel of expert judges, was there with her family, to see the big reveal of her design.  Sharing a few words with the audience of fashion and retail influencers, Linea explained that her artwork was inspired by the diversity and multiculturalism of the Hackney community, which she had expressed in a large-scale mural with bright colors to spread energy, love and connection. 

Alongside the installation of Linea Matei’s mural, was the opening of the pop up store for new brand West Carolina created by fashion designer Ana Carolina, herself a finalist of the Bright Young Things competition.  The first collection for West Carolina, designed for the creative self-made woman,  titled “Wavy”  is inspired by colour and movement, and made to enhance the wearer’s passion for art and expression. The pop up store, decorated with Mactac wall and window graphics, is located at 103 Morning Lane, Hackney, E9 6ND, and open until the 14th September.

“The mural, printed and applied on Mactac WW (Wall Wrap) 100 Pro, has transformed the black brick surface of the railway arch into a colourful, and impactful piece of art.  The colour and size creating a brilliant instagrammable moment! “ said Angus Mcguffin - Creative Director Avery Dennison and Mactac Europe.

“I believe this installation will be an iconic part of Bohemia Place setting the tone for the creative and inclusive environment that we are building here. The graphic really has transformed the arch!” said Jack Basrawy Chairman Hackney Walk.

Linea Matei, with partner Jonas Fried and daughter Misha Matei Frid. Photograph by @emilyandkaty

About the Mural:

Matei’s winning design was inspired by the diversity and multiculturalism of the Hackney community, which she expressed in a large-scale mural with bright colors to spread energy, love and connection.  

Speaking of the installation Linea explains: I was very inspired by the community in Hackney and it’s diversity of people and their stories. Through my research I learnt that Hackney is a community full of energy and passion.  I read many things, but the most touching piece of information that  I came across was this:  "Nine out of ten Hackney residents say that Hackney is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together. Hackney’s diversity and multiculturalism are the main factors contributing to residents feeling proud of the borough." (According to A Profile of Hackney, its People and Place by LB Hackney Policy Team, January 2018. Document Number: 18909115.) This made me know actually what to do: to represent the people,with different backgrounds and stories, through history to the present day and into the future, connected with each other, and to become a mural with bright colours to spread energy, love and connection. 

The artwork was printed on Mactac WW (Wall wrap) 100 Pro as a 25 m² graphic and applied to the uneven brick surface of the old railway arches. Ready in time for Hackney Carnival the mural was seen by 1000s of Hackney residents and more. 

West Carolina pop up store, created by Ana Carolina and decorated with Mactac Window Films. Photograph by @emilyandkaty

About the Pop Up Store:

Mactac floor graphics lead the way from THE BIG REVEAL to the pop up store for West Carolina, premiering the fashion brand created by Ana Carolina, one of the original finalists of Bright Young Things Take Hackney.

The first collection for West Carolina, designed for the creative self-made woman,  titled “Wavy” is inspired by colour and movement, and made to enhance the wearer’s passion for art and expression. For the Pop Up, Ana collaborated with other artists to bring her technicolour world to life: Alongside the collection, you will find an installation, paired with art pieces by Swedish artist Mia Fryk. The exhibition set was curated by stylist + creative director Manrutt Wonkaew and the whole West Carolina Girl Gang. Fellow finalists Karen Jy Sung and Mel Edwards also supported Ana with the pop up opening - with Karen creating live illustion at the opening and Mel creating a paper craft GIF to support the promotion of the event.

Meet the artists:

The Winner - Linea Matei

Linea recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Textile Art and Design from Konstfack University of Art, Craft and Design in Stockholm and has a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from West London College

Linea was born and raised in Södertälje, a town near Sweden’s capital city Stockholm. Her interest in communication, social behaviour and cultural norms started at an early age. By growning up with the Södertälje culture, her father’s Romanian culture and her mother’s Kiruna (north Sweden) culture, she has had the chance to get an insight into different ways of being, which has both enriched her life and ignited her interest in studying how societal norms affect people.

Linea works with conceptual and illustrative art, textile design, interior design and workshops.  Through her work she explores relations, behaviours and cultural norms.   @lineamatei

The Finalists - Ana Carolina

Ana Carolina is a Brazilian artist based in England. Graduated from Central St Martins, in BA Fashion Print, her vision is to address global issues in a playful way. Ana aims to use print as a tool to illuminate the world. Her aesthetic is – bold, energetic and uplifting and movement and colour are her go-to for mood boosting. While still at Central St Martins, Ana went to New York and Copenhagen for internships. She also designed and sold a dress to British artist Grayson Perry – as part of an annual competition and he later bought a second outfit from her graduate collection to wear at The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, hosted by Chanel. The outfit was described by Sarah Mower on Vogue as – “an unmissable silver and pink jacket and full evening skirt…His skirt held another comment for this dazzling night in London: a thoughtfully embroidered Chanel-like pattern of sequined camellias with a peace sign in the centre.” The collection was also shortlisted to – The Arts Thread + WGSN Future Creator Awards Sao Paulo. Ana Carolina launched her online fashion brand - West Carolina -  in Hackney on the 6th September 2018. With mood boosting clothes to spread joy around the globe the West Carolina brand is made for the Creative, Self-Made Woman. @Iam_anacarolina

The Finalists - Mel Edwards

Melanie Edwards works in a range of materials but specialises in making three dimensional, precision made, paper sculptures. She is excited by the versatility of paper and believes that the material can be used to make almost anything. Her paper sculptures can be used in sets, displays or stop motion animations but can also be photographed to produce images for advertisements, magazines and books etc. @itsmeledwards

The Finalists - Karen Jy Sung

Karen Sung graduated from the Visual Communication MA course at the Royal College of Art London in 2017 and is a charismatic collaborator who is passionate about visual communication and illustration.Karen is currently looking for new opportunities to utilise her visualising abilities. Her collaborations include companies such as Hitachi Rail, Imperial and the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art where she participated in multidisciplinary teams to deliver innovative solutions to unquestioned problems. There, she led the team in bringing the information collected to life and telling the story in a way that was clear, fun and engaging. This helped communicating our solutions to both within the team and to the outside audience. During her spare time, she draws journalistic and caricature illustrations to deliver news in a visual and entertaining manner. She also practices Taekwondo as a black belt. Specialties: visual scribbling, storyboarding, infographic design, wall Illustration, editorial Illustration, journalistic Illustration, live scribbling. @karenjysung

The Finalists - Eva Davidova

Eva Davidova is a designer, illustrator, graphic designer, sign painter and graffiti artist based in London. At the moment she devotes most of the time to developing her drawing and printing skills further and focusing on her freelance career as a an illustrator. Originally from the Czech Republic, Eva graduated in 2017 from Central Saint Martins UAL in Graphic Communication Design BA Hons.

The Finalists - Ester Alonso 

Ester Alonso is a creative from Madrid, Spain. After three years living in London, where she discovered her interest in print and pattern design, she moved up to Leeds where she is currently studying Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds Arts University. Working on cloth, ceramics and paper Ester’s favourite design approach is through collage and screen-printing. Her style is mostly abstract, for her projects, she enjoys creating marks and textures experimenting with colour and media as much as making linear drawings and bold graphics.Within her practice, she likes to keep a balance between digital, traditional techniques and craftsmanship. After graduating in June, she would love to keep developing her practice designing for slow-craft and sustainable textiles, architecture, and interiors. @e.ster.a.lonso


About the products used:


Wall Graphic material:

  • WW100 Pro was one of the first in the market for brick wall wrapping and as a versatile outdoor polymeric PVC it suits a wide range of building, wall and urban decoration applications, including large external facades. The self-adhesive film conforms easily to 3D surfaces (including rivets as well as curves), and a high tack adhesive means it can be applied directly onto brick/stonework or concrete. Printable with solvent, eco-solvent and latex inks, with an outdoor life of 3-4 years.


Window Film Materials

  • IMAGin - PrintVinyl 828 R, a white matt 100 µm monomeric vinyl printing film with removable adhesive. 
  • MACmark  MACal 1079-01, a metallized film with mirror golden finish designed for medium term interior and short term exterior marking applications (window graphics, signs, flat vehicle surfaces…). It provides nice "mirror like" finish on both sides of the product for eye-catching markings on flat surfaces only.  It allows lean, quick, trouble-free cutting with most plotters.


About Bright Young Things

“Bright Young Things Take Hackney” competition, launched in collaboration with Arts Thread in 2017, drew more than 330 submissions from around Europe. Linea Matei, recent graduate of Konstfack University of Art, Craft and Design in Stockholm, was chosen as the winner by a panel of expert judges in May 2018, that included British-American designer Mimi Wade; Jack Basrawy, Chairman of Hackney Walk;  Angus McGuffin, Global Creative Director for Avery Dennison; and Thorsten Traugott, Managing Director of Coloro.

“Bright New Things Take Times Square”, the second design competition created by Avery Dennison, in collaboration with Arts Thread, culminated in an impressive installation in Times Square as part of Design Pavilion, NYC, 2018.   

About Arts Threads

Arts Thread is the leading digital platform worldwide for emerging artists and designers a launchpad for the next generation of creative talent representing 300,000 students in more than 100 countries from 720 design schools.  @artsthread 


About our partners  

The project and events have been made possible thanks to the help and expertise of our design and large format print partner, Onward Display, along with our installation partner GESS Ltd. @onwarddisplay  @GESSLtd_