Discover the brand new range of Mactac Installation Liquids

13 July 2018
Mactac now offers three different installation liquids designed to support applicators before, during and after the self-adhesive film application process: Mactac Cleaner, Mactac Application Fluid and Mactac Remover
Mactac Installation Fluids allow to obtain the best results when applying Mactac films

Mactac Cleaner

A high performance cleaner designed for cleaning various types of surfaces prior to self-adhesive film application. Mactac Cleaner removes the most common residues (such as dirt, wax etc.) as well as  everyday pollution, in order to optimize application of the film onto the substrate.

Mactac Application Fluid

Mactac Application Fluid is designed to support the wet application of various types of Mactac materials on glass surfaces. Recommended for use amongst others with Print Vinyl, JT5829, Macpoly, and Glass Decor Series. This fluid has been tested for compatibility with the most commonly available products for glass applications. More details Here

Mactac Remover

Mactac Remover is a powerful solution designed to remove adhesive residue from substrates.  Its specific formulation allows outstanding and rapid cleaning of surfaces following the removal of self-adhesive products.


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