Laminating films


Self-healing, optically clear, ultra conformable glossy, soft 35 µm polyurthane overlaminate (PVC free). Very resistant to abrasions.

Key features

  • *Self-healing overlaminating solution
  • *Superior UV light protection
  • *highly comformable

Specially designed for

  • * outdoor protection of super soft print media

HORIZon is a self healing ultra clear gloss, soift 35µm non-PVC film coated on one side with an ultra-clear permanent adhesive.  The adhesive is protected with an easy to remove liner.
HORIZon is extremely durable and warranted, even in horizontal applications.  This laminate offers superior protection from UV light, acid rain and high heat to help extend the life of your graphic.
HORIZon conforms very well to flat, curved, riveted surfaces. It has significantly higher abrasion resistance than standard vinyl (PVC) laminates.  It is chlorine and phthalates-free.  I t does not influence the pH level of the substrate to which it is applied.  It is especially designed for the outdoor protection of super soft, flexible printed media like JT5529P/PM/MBF, JT 10700 series for the decoration of flat, riveted or corrugated surfaces and also WW 100 Pro for the decoration of uneven walls such as brick walls.

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  • Technology

    PU (PVC free)

  • Thickness

    35 µm

  • Adhesive Performance

    High tack

  • Durability Outdoor

    7 year(s)


  • Technology

    PU (PVC free)

  • Thickness

    35 µm

  • Finish

    clear gloss


  • Surface(s)



  • Outdoor



  • Type

    Acrylic solvent

  • Performance

    High tack


  • Type

    Coated Kraft Liner

  • Thickness


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