Laminating films - LUV 3800 Series

Permacolor - LUV 3898

Matt clear soft PVC film, 80 µm. Specially designed for UV prints protection

Key features

  • *Protection from UV light
  • *Protection from physical damage
  • *Clear matt finish

Specially designed for

  • * Advertising & pomotional applications
  • * Overlaminating of flat prints
  • * Point of sales
  • * Vehicles (flat applications)

LUV 3800 overlaminating films help to protect against colour fading caused by UV light, and also against potential physical damage including fingerprints and abrasion. These soft 80 µm PVC films are coated on one side with a clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (protected by a white, easy to remove paper liner).

LUV 3898 provides a clear matt finish, and two other finishes are also available to ensure the right look for any application: LUV 3894 (clear semi-matt) and LUV 3899 (clear glossy). LUV 3800 laminating films do not change the pH level of the underlying substrate. They are designed for the protection of digital UV prints while also being compatible with other standard digital printing techniques (note: not compatible with prints using oil-based inks). Outdoor durability is 4 years.

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  • Technology

    Monomeric PVC

  • Adhesive Performance

    High tack

  • Durability Outdoor

    4 year(s)

  • Thickness

    81 µm


  • Technology

    Monomeric PVC

  • Thickness

    81 µm

  • Finish

    clear matt


  • Surface(s)



  • Outdoor



  • Type

    Acrylic solvent

  • Performance

    High tack


  • Type

    Super Calendered Paper

  • Thickness


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