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Mactac Application Fluid

Mactac Application Fluid is designed to support the wet application of various types of Mactac materials on glass surfaces

Key features

  • *Supports fast and easy application of graphics onto glass surfaces.
  • *Ready-to-use solution: no mixing of components required, ensuring dependable performance every time.
  • *Provides a good balance between initial tack and ability to reposition material before final application.
  • *Optimized packaging design: available in handy format 975ml bottle and a 4-litre refill container that reduces plastic waste

Specially designed for

  • * Supporting the wet application of various types of Mactac materials on glass surfaces.

Recommended for use amongst others with Print Vinyl, JT5829, Macpoly, and Glass Decor Series. This fluid has been tested for compatibility with the most commonly available Mactac products for glass applications*. Packaging has been designed to be user-friendly and due to refill canister  minimize plastic waste: Mactac Application Fluid is available in bottles of 975ml and in 4-litre refill canisters with a funnel for easy pouring.

* for more information about which Mactac products are compatible with the Mactac Cleaner and which wet application of Mactac materials on glass surfaces are supported by the Mactac Application Fluid, please contact your Mactac sales person.



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