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Mactac Sealer

Colorless edge sealant that adheres perfectly on different surfaces


  • *Colorless
  • *Durable over time
  • *High gloss finish


  • *Strengthening the adhesion of film
  • *Preventing edge lifting
  • *Use in combination with Mactac films for marine applications

Mactac Sealer is a colorless edge sealant that adheres on different surfaces. It does not drip, even on steep vertical surfaces. It is durable over time, when exposed to UV. Mactac Sealer is used to seal off the edges for applications in marine environment or with high risk of chemical spillage. The use of Mactac Sealer is recommended to strengthen the adhesion of film and prevent edge lifting in these demanding applications. It can be used for a variety of graphics products and on different substrate. However, a pre-test is always recommended.