Films de lamination - Série LUV 6000 - FloorGrip - StreetLam (Anti-dérapant)

LUV 6300

Film de lamination antidérapant, spécialement conçu pour les applications intérieures sur sol – Classement R9 conformément à la norme DIN 51130. Film PVC semi-mat transparent avec finition sablée 125 µm – spécialement conçu pour protéger les imprimés sur sol

Principales caractéristiques

  • *Classement antidérapant R9 (DIN 51130)
  • *Approuvé selon un essai pendulaire conformément à la norme BS 7976-2:2002
  • *Protège les applications au sol contre les UV et l'abrasion

Spécialement conçu pour

  • * Revêtement de sol intérieur antidérapant
  • * Publicité et promotions

LUV 6300 non-slip laminating film protects interior floors and preserves their look. It has non-slip properties of level R9 (DIN 51130), and pendulum test approval (BS 7976-2: 2002 ). This 125 µm semi-matte PVC transparent film has a glossy textured finish and anti-reflective properties that give a sophisticated look to your promotions and advertisements. While guaranteeing protection against abrasion, traffic and humidity; it also helps delay the fading of UV colors.

LUV 6300 can be laminated on one or both sides of photographic prints or transparent prints. It protects, improves the appearance and provides the necessary rigidity making it possible to avoid using aumontage on traditional flat supports. The flexibility of the material allows images to be applied to curved substrates such as cylindrical displays. A "wetting" adhesive which adapts easily to irregularities caused by printing with UV ink. LUV 6300 does not affect the pH level of the supports and has an interior durability of 6 months on floors (3 years on vertical displays).

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  • Thickness

    125 µm

  • Performance adhésive

    Tack élevé

  • Durabilité intérieure

    6 Mois

  • Effet



  • Thickness

    125 µm

  • Fini

    transparent mat

  • Effet



  • Surface(s)

    Plane /2D


  • Intérieur



  • Performance

    Tack élevé


  • Type

    Papier kraft

  • Thickness


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