Signage & marking films - MACal 8300 Pro Series

MACal 8300 Pro

Value and performance in one film

Key features

  • *Intermediate film for indoor/outdoor applications, 43 colours (41 gloss, 2 matt)
  • *Vertical outdoor product durability up to 5 years (5 years black and white, 4 years colours)
  • *Clean, quick and trouble-free computer cutting with most plotters, easy and fast weeding even for small letters and fine lines
  • *Excellent dimensional stability when applied, good performance/price point ratio

Specially designed for

  • * Medium-term events or corporate communication
  • * Suitable for indoor/outdoor signage, point of sale, wall decoration and for windows
  • * Compatible with flat glass, plexiglass, metal and non-porous substrate surfaces

An intermediate film with good outdoor durability (5 years black and white, 4 years colours), it is coated with a solvent-based permanent acrylic adhesive, and offers excellent dimensional stability.

This calendered soft vinyl material is designed to give you trouble-free computer cutting and fast weeding, even for small letters and fine lines. MACal 8300 Pro is available in 43 colours (41 gloss, 2 matt).

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  • Technology

    Monomeric PVC

  • Thickness

    70 µm

  • Adhesive Performance


  • Durability Outdoor

    4-5 year(s)


  • Technology

    Monomeric PVC

  • Thickness

    70 µm

  • Finish

    41 colours gloss


    2 colours matt


  • Surface(s)


  • Support(s)

    Glass / Plexiglass, Metal, Non porous substrates


  • Outdoor



  • Type

    Acrylic solvent

  • Performance



  • Type

    Kraft paper

  • Thickness


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