Opaque or translucent solid tinted films: give a boost to your signage

Advertising and visual communications are vital factors in marketing. The goal is to attract attention, create emotions, and influence the consumer with brightly coloured, original creations. Marking films are now recommended to guarantee high quality signage.

The impact of marking films on your signage

The visual, through colours, shapes and materials, is an essential element in advertising. Using marking films, creative designers can let their imagination roam free and create astonishing designs which will make you stand out amongst your competitors.

Where can you use marking films?

Whether the goal is to make attractive signs, a stunning vehicle marking, or dress a façade or a shop window to highlight your brand, Mactac marking films offer infinite possibilities.

Superior quality adhesive films

Worn or damaged adhesive films can harm the image of your brand. Mactac therefore offers high quality  products which guarantee you impeccable visuals. Mactac marking films have a durability guarantee whether for their adhesion or their colour fastness: during their service life, they will not discolour nor peel off.

They are easy to apply, which makes for a rapid installation and a faultless result.

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