PG 7034 Laminating Film

PG 7034 Laminating Film

PG 7034 Laminating Film

Whiteboard applications

Whiteboard applications: a new dimension for enterprises

What enterprise doesn’t want stimulate its employees by creating a dynamic and interesting work environment? Thanks to our whiteboard film, it’s child’s play to add a touch of interactivity to the workspace. And what’s more: you can go as big as you want. Why not discuss that new strategic plan or compile that list of objectives on a wall-sized whiteboard? This special setting is bound to provide a new dimension to your meetings.

Personalise any surface with the whiteboard film

Though the film’s finish is called ’whiteboard’, it’s actually transparent. Taking the classic whiteboard to a whole new level, Mactac’s self-adhesive can be applied to, say, a map of the world, so employees can customise it by marking customer journeys, business trips ...

The whiteboard film can just as well be used for laminating images like planning diagrams or a new engine development. You can personalise any flat surface by applying the adhesive and using a matching dry-erase marker. If you’re done writing or doodling, simply wipe the surface clean.

A wall film that’s just the right size

Whiteboards are an indispensable part of any professional environment. Are you looking for a large surface to write and draw on? An individual whiteboard is a great start, but surely a film that is integrated in and covers an entire office wall is much more practical. It’s the perfect asset for a brainstorming room, for instance. Nice extra: there’s nothing like scribbling on the walls to get those creative juices flowing!