Macal 8900 Pro

Macal 8900 Pro

Mactac Creative Awards Silver Medal by Nicolas Lachambre using Macal 9700, 8900 and GlassDecor 700

How adhesive films enhance your illuminated signs and lightboxes

Whether they’re transparent or opaque, adhesive films help you attract the attention of your target audience both during the day and at night. Our adhesive films, which are available in different colours as well as printable versions, are specially designed for illuminated theatre signs, storefront window signs and airport signalling.

Signs that catch the eye

No matter the time of day, illuminated signs with printable films make your graphics stand out. Against an illuminated backdrop, the translucent material makes the colours of your design more vibrant while also increasing visibility, thus heightening the overall appeal and effect of your poster or advertisement. When the light is switched off, the adhesive film still displays your graphics perfectly without revealing what’s behind them.

Adhesive films for indoor and outdoor illuminated signs

Specially designed for covering illuminated signs and lightboxes, our adhesive films are first-class quality and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Their durability depends on the type of film, but our unique production process guarantees an consistent colour with all adhesives.

Consistent colour

Mactac’s translucent vinyl is a specially treated flexible film that ensures a consistent translucent colour. It’s available in no less than 31 colours.

Pre-application advice: we recommend that you thoroughly clean the surface before applying the adhesive, using an isopropyl alcohol based solution (such as the MACcleaner).