Unique decorative adhesives for indoor and outdoor wall designs

High-end decorative and customizable wall coverings. Let your imagination run wild!

Mactac has created an extensive range of adhesives for wall applications that allow you to add a  personal and unique touch to any space. Thanks to these high-end decorative and customizable wall coverings, you can transform any plain looking wall into a work of art in no time. Let your imagination run wild!

Decorative products for exterior walls

Mactac’s collections breathe new life into exterior walls and supporting structures, no matter how complex their construction. Our high-quality adhesives are UV and high temperature resistant, so they’re perfectly suited to cover up outdoor surfaces. They are, moreover, compatible with all kinds of finishes: from paint to concrete or brick.

A unique yet cost-efficient make-over

Renovating a building is an expensive affair, especially when the exterior walls have to be redone to give them a more modern appearance. That’s where self-adhesive wall films come in! They will save you precious time and money, but above all: you can get infinitely creative with them. Using self-adhesives on exterior walls guarantees a look never seen before.


Decorative products for interior walls

Did you know that you can also use self-adhesives to brighten up those bare corners, such as dull elevator spaces? Mactac’s decorative products for interior use can be applied to all kinds of floors, walls, windows and even ceilings, whether the surface is flat, concave or convex. You can even have pictures or photographs printed on your adhesive films to create extraordinary effects or incredible optical illusions. Our films are available in various colours or in textured finishes like brushed, frosted, chromed, dusted, wood, carbon, peach skin... Anything is possible!


A creative alternative to paint

Looking for a budget-friendly and time-saving alternative to paint? Our architectural vinyls for interior and exterior decoration are your go-to solution.

Short-term promotional activities

For short-term promotional activities such as announcing the opening of a new store, mural graphics work like a charm to attract attention and showcase your creativity. What’s more, some of Mactac’s adhesives are removable and repositionable. Easy!