Laminating films: your creations deserve the best protection

Protective films keep your creations safe from sunlight, humidity, abrasion and any other conditions that may damage them.

Suppose you have created a wonderful work of art or an extraordinary graphic that you’re going to present at an exhibition or event. Or suppose you’ve been commissioned to decorate an entire wall at a community centre. Whatever the nature of your work, you’d obviously like it to last several lifetimes. Why not protect it with a laminate film? This coating keeps your images safe from sunlight, humidity, abrasion and any other conditions that may damage them. Because your work is bound to be exposed to UV light, it’s good to know that laminates also slow down colour fading. Moreover, textured laminates bring out the best of your prints by adding special touches like a brushed stainless steel or leather finish.

Laminate films: protection that meets your needs

Mactac has a wide array of laminates, designed especially for short-term, mid-term or long-term protection. They’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, while also being compatible with a wide range of inks (solvent-based, eco solvent-based, UV and latex inks). And as if that’s not enough, they can easily be applied to flat, concave and convex surfaces.

Bringing out the beauty of your creations

Protective laminate films not only prevent the colours of your work from fading, they even succeed in making them more vibrant.

Do you want a little extra for your creation? Then textured laminates are right up your street, giving your images the look and feel of the real thing. Imagine a wood print with a real wood grain finish ... Wouldn’t that be something? Or perhaps you prefer brushed metal, crystal or leather finishes? The choice is yours.

Anti-graffiti protection

Some walls are magnets to spray can vandals, so it’s probably a good idea to protect your murals. Thanks to Mactac’s anti-graffiti films, spray paint is easily removed, so it won’t spoil your work.

Non-skid surface

For safety reasons, floor graphics have to be laminated with an anti-slip film, both in public and private spaces. Fortunately, Mactac has several solutions in the form of anti-slip finishes that are perfect for airports, hotels, offices …

Protect your graphics – and the environment

Trying to keep things as green as possible, Mactac has added the eco-friendly LUV 7499 to its product range. Though this pvc- and phthalate-free, non-chloride film was especially designed to protect UV prints, it’s also compatible with solvent-based, eco solvent-based and latex inks.