Self-healing: cosmetic protection against ageing

Ultra gloss, long lasting and flexible, Mactac self-healing films will keep your car or your boat with an… almost perfect look!

Direct application on the surface

Self-healing transparent film: CrystalProtect 150

Features: 150 µm optically clear gloss polyurethane film 8 years durability

Benefits: Practically invisible once applied, thanks to its exceptional transparency Optimum protection against stone chips, scratches, vandalism (key scratches), pollution and corrosion. UV resistant, without filtering the rays to avoid the colour differences between covered and non-covered sections. Fast and easy installation

Application: Designed to protect painted bodywork, underbody, bumpers and covers of wing mirrors, against chips caused by stones, insects, etc

Laminating Films

Self-healing protection for digital printed car wrapping films : Permacolor HORIZon™

Features: 35 µm, high clear gloss, polyurethane film 7 years durability

Benefits: Greatly enhances your graphics colours Offers superior protection from UV light and acid rain Provides a higher abrasion resistance than standard PVC films Is highly conformable

Application: Designed for vehicle wrapping in combination with IMAGin CastRap 629 PM / B-Free series