Signage & marking films - MACal 9800 CAST

MACmark - MACal 9800 CAST

MACal 9800 CAST are high quality polymeric stabilized cast vinyl films coated with a durable permanent adhesive giving excellent dimensional stability. White and black films are available with High-Tack adhesive and Bubble Free adhesive

Key features

  • *Very good conformability on rivets and corrugations
  • *High quality marking film with a wide palette of bright opaque and long-lasting colours
  • *High quality pigments and a solvent adhesive formulation avoiding colour fading, cracks, edge-lifting, shrinkage etc.
  • *Wide range of colours: 107 gloss and 10 matt

Specially designed for

  • * Long-term vehicle marking (car, trucks, boats...),
  • * Window graphics,
  • * Decorative & retail signage panels,
  • * Any other branding purposes including surfaces with rivets and corrugations.

MACal 9800 Cast is a 66 μm conformable cast vinyl with high-performance permanent adhesive. 40 years of experience in CAD/CAM lie behind this new material, which has been developed to add even more conformability to all of the renowned benefits of the MACal 9800 Pro Series. This new feature now allows marking and branding on a wider range of flat-to-curved surfaces (with very good adhesion and easy removal).

A solvent-based permanent acrylic adhesive makes this cast vinyl film a great choice for many different indoor and outdoor applications, and it is durable for outdoor applications for up to 10 years.


Important remark :
MACal 9800 CAST Series is avalaible only in the following countries : Germany, Swirtzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. 


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  • Technology

    Polymeric Cast PVC

  • Thickness

    66 µm

  • Adhesive Performance


  • Durability Outdoor

    8 years

  • Fire Rating

    B-s1,d0 (EN 13501-1)


  • Technology

    Polymeric Cast PVC

  • Thickness

    66 µm

  • Finish

    107 gloss


    10 matt



  • Outdoor

    8 years


  • Type

    Acrylic solvent

  • Performance



  • Type

    Kraft paper

  • Thickness