Signage & marking films - MACal 9700 Pro Series

MACmark - MACal 9700 Pro

Translucent when backlit and opaque when not illuminated. High-performance 5-7 years outdoor films. Fire certification M1. Available in 31 colours

Key features

  • *31 colours, with uniform translucence
  • *2 light diffusion options (60% and 30%)
  • *Translucent when lit, opaque when unlit
  • *Excellent wet-out for extra clarity

Specially designed for

  • * Illuminated signage (indoor and outdoor)
  • * Wayfinding
  • * Retail and point of sale
  • * Corporate communications

A material that fully exploits the power of illumination. MACal 9700 Pro is an outstanding choice for flat signage applications where it's important to create arresting visual impact, both when a sign is lit and unlit. This soft film is translucent when backlit - giving vibrant colours - and opaque when not illuminated, so that signage continues to look good. A high-performance option manufactured to guarantee uniform colour reproduction - with 31 colours and two light diffusion levels available. The durable permanent acrylic adhesive also ensures excellent wet-out for extra clarity. Suitable for 5-7 year outdoor applications.

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  • Technology

    Polymeric PVC

  • Thickness

    80 µm

  • Adhesive Performance


  • Durability Outdoor

    5-7 year(s)


  • Technology

    Polymeric PVC

  • Thickness

    80 µm

  • Finish

    31 translucent colours matt


  • Surface(s)


  • Support(s)

    Glass / Plexiglass


  • Outdoor



  • Type

    Acrylic solvent

  • Performance



  • Type

    Kraft paper

  • Thickness


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