Signage & marking films - Glass Decor Series

MACal Glass Decor 700

The MACal Glass Decor 700™ Series combines privacy with great aesthetics. This range of luminous translucent etch films offers winning choices for designers, installers and building occupants.

Key features

  • *Clean removal, leaving no adhesive residue on the substrate
  • *2 high-grade matte finishes: frosted and dusted
  • *Good resistance to staining (including water/oily compounds)
  • *5 frosted grade colours

Specially designed for

  • * MACal Glass Decor Film is specially designed for long-term indoor and outdoor decorative applications on glass or rigid plastic window panes
  • * A good choice for on show windows in restaurants, museums and showrooms, and for room partitions in banks, offices and homes.

The look and feel of a space can be transformed by imaginative window graphics - including large or small lettering - ensuring privacy and allowing natural light transmission. The product is available in a dusted and frosted matt finish. The frosted finish is available in Offshore Blue, Fresh Mint, Sparkling Yellow, Romantic Rose and Gold.

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  • Technology

    Polymeric PVC

  • Thickness

    80 µm

  • Adhesive Performance


  • Durability Outdoor

    5 year(s)


  • Technology

    Polymeric PVC

  • Thickness

    80 µm

  • Finish

    5 translucent colours matt


  • Surface(s)


  • Support(s)

    Glass / Plexiglass


  • Outdoor



  • Type

    Acrylic solvent

  • Performance



  • Type

    Kraft paper

  • Thickness


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