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MACmark - MACtransfer 100 High Grade

Latex impregnated paper stock coated with a high tack removable adhesive

Key features

  • *High Tack removable adhesive
  • *Good lay-flatness
  • *Suitable for UV printed & die-cut decals
  • *Also well recommended for matt vinyls or slightly structured vinyls

Specially designed for

  • * Application and transfer of UV printed and die-cut decals
  • * Unprinted die-cut decals with matt or slightly structured vinyls

MACtransfer 100 High Grade is designed to assist in the protection, application and transfer of small and medium size UV printed & die-cut decals as well as unprinted die-cut pressure-sensitive decals made with matt or slightly structured vinyls.
Thanks to its improved adhesion to paper and filmic release liners, MACtransfer 100 High Grade ensures trouble-free transfer of UV printed/ unsmooth small letters and fine lines.

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  • Technology

    Paper (PVC free)

  • Thickness

    110 µm

  • Adhesive Performance

    High tack


  • Technology

    Paper (PVC free)

  • Thickness

    110 µm


  • Surface(s)


  • Support(s)

    Non porous substrates



  • Type


  • Performance

    High tack