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  • Permafun Coarse Wood

    Premium polymeric laminating film with a satin Coarse Wood texture.

    Polymeric PVC, 5 year(s)

  • PG 7034

    High gloss polypropylene self-adhesive laminating film for whiteboard applications.

    Polypropylene, 2 year(s)

  • PG 7075

    Optically clear, high gloss polyester self-adhesive anti-graffiti laminating film.

    Polyester (PVC free), 3 year(s)

  • PG 7285

    Clear matt self-adhesive laminating film.

    PVC, 2

  • StreetLam

    Anti-slippery laminate - Clear satin clear 385 µm highly structured PVC film - Specially designed for outdoor floor applications - Rated R12 according to DIN 51130

    Polymeric PVC, 6 month(s)