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  • PG 7285

    Clear matt self-adhesive laminating film.

    PVC, 2

  • MountingFilm - PP 2011 M

    12 µm Clear PET for multi purpose application on many substrates indoor or outdoor

    Paper (PVC free), 5 year(s)

  • MountingFilm - PP 2018 M

    12 µm Clear PET, General purpose indoor applications

    Paper (PVC free), 2 year(s)

  • SQUID Window Textile Films

    Squid is a self-adhesive, transparent fabric which enables you to see out during the day, but largely restricts people outside from being able to look in.

    Polyester (PVC free), 5 year(s)

  • StreetLam

    Anti-slippery laminate - Clear satin clear 385 µm highly structured PVC film - Specially designed for outdoor floor applications - Rated R12 according to DIN 51130

    Polymeric PVC, 6 month(s)

  • StreetRap

    White matt calendered PVC film specially designed for bitumen applications, 70 µm for outdoor sidewalk and parking lot floor graphics.

    Polymeric PVC, 3-6 month(s)

  • Wrapping Films - TF 700 BF Sublime

    20 trendy colors for this polymeric long term wrapping film, 85 µm. Specially designed for fleet owners or vehicle customization. Easy to apply, fast and without bubbles with Bubble Free technology (micro-structured material adhesive)

    Polymeric PVC, 8 year(s)

  • MACmark - WallCHALKER

    Textured black matt intermediate film for chalkboard applications - Fire certification M1

    Monomeric PVC, 4 year(s)

  • WW 100 Pro

    White gloss conformable PVC 55 μm with a High Tack permanent grey adhesive. A unique soft face film formulation for difficult textured surfaces and brick walls

    Polymeric PVC, 5 year(s)

  • WW 200

    White matt semi rigid calendered PVC film 150 µm removable and repositionable for indoor application only. Overlaminate not recommended

    Monomeric PVC, 1 year(s)

  • WW 300

    White matt PVC 100 μm with solvent High-Tack permanent grey adhesive

    Calendered Vinyl, 4 year(s)

  • WW 309

    White gloss vinyl, 100 µm, high tack permanent opaque solvent acrylic adhesive

    Monomeric PVC, 4 year(s)

  • WW Canvas

    White matt textured PVC 250 µm, with a canvas texture for indoor wall decoration

    PVC, 1 year(s)

  • WW Leather

    White PVC film textured Leather 250 µm with a High Tack permanent adhesive

    PVC, 1 year(s)

  • WW Smooth Textile

    Polyester woven textile printing media with a grey High-Tack adhesive for interior decoration on smooth surfaces.

    PET (PVC free), 4 year(s)

  • WW Veneziano

    White matt textured PVC 300 µm, with a brushed organic texture for indoor wall decoration

    PVC, 1 year(s)

  • Felt Squeegee

    Ideal for lettering applications

  • JT 8300 WM-RT Dot Floors

    White matt PVC 200 µm with removable dotted adhesive - JT 8300 Dot Floors brings the power of Dots to floor graphic applications, and does not require a laminate for anti-slip properties.

    Monomeric PVC, 3 month(s)

  • Mactac Remover

    Powerful solution designed to remove adhesive residue from substrates.

  • Squeegee Europe

    Red plastic soft squeegee

  • Mactac white Squeegee

    White Squeegee PA

    White plastic, hard squeegee,

  • MACmark - MACtransfer 100 High Grade

    Latex impregnated paper stock coated with a high tack removable adhesive

    Paper (PVC free)

  • MACmark - MACtransfer 215

    Latex impregnated paper stock coated with a medium tack rubber based removable adhesive

    Paper (PVC free)

  • MACmark - MACtransfer 220

    Paper application tape, 85 g/sqm, coated with a Medium tack rubber based removable adhesive

    Paper (PVC free)

  • MACmark - MacTransfer 400

    Clear polyethylene application tape, 80 µm, coated with a clear removable adhesive with low tack properties