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  • MACmark - MACal 9800 BF PRO

    White Gloss and Black Gloss are available with a Bubble-free (BF) adhesive. Premium quality - specially designed for high-performance permanent marking applications requiring a 8-10 years outdoor life

    Polymeric PVC, 8 - 10 year(s)

  • MACmark - MACal 9800 CAST

    MACal 9800 CAST are high quality polymeric stabilized cast vinyl films coated with a durable permanent adhesive giving excellent dimensional stability. White and black films are available with High-Tack adhesive and Bubble Free adhesive

    Polymeric Cast PVC, 8 years

  • MACmark - MACal 9800 PRO

    Premium quality - specially designed for high-performance permanent marking applications requiring a 8-10 years outdoor life

    Polymeric PVC, 8-10 year(s)

  • MACscreen - MACal 9829 P

    Permanent, white gloss stabilized calandered soft vinyl film, 80 µm, cadmium free, designed for permanent interior and exterior marking applications

    Polymeric PVC, 7 year(s)

  • MACscreen - MACal 9899 P

    Permanent, clear gloss stabilized calandered soft vinyl film, cadmium free, 80 µm, designed for long life screen printing applications.

    Polymeric PVC, 5 year(s)

  • Wrapping Films - TF Carbon BF

    Embossed vinyl wrapping film, perfectly realistic carbon fiber effect! 130 µm easy apply bubble-free technology, (micro-structured material adhesive)

    Polymeric PVC, 4-5 year(s)

  • Wrapping Films - TF Pearl Cream BF

    Pearl colour with reedish & greenish light reflection effect Soft cast wrapping film. It bring class to all your decoration projects. Bubble Free technology

    Polymeric PVC, 5 year(s)

  • MACscreen - Milmar TC Bright Silver

    Polyester film 25 µm, bright silver, high dimensional stability

    Polyester (PVC free), 2 year(s)

  • Permafun Brushed Metal

    Permafun Brushed Metal

    Brushed metal effect. Satin polymeric 100 µm

    Polymeric PVC, 5 year(s)

  • MACscreen - Embossable PET BS HT

    Bright silver polyester film, 125 µm, especially made for luxury labels and stickers

    Polyester (PVC free), 2 year(s)

  • WW Canvas

    White matt textured PVC 250 µm, with a canvas texture for indoor wall decoration

    PVC, 1 year(s)

  • Mactac Permafun Carbon Clear

    Permafun CarbonClear Pro

    Carbon fibre structured effect. Premium polymeric vinyl, 150 µm. Its special adhesive allows excellent adhesion. Fire certification M1

    Polymeric PVC, 3 year(s)

  • MACscreen - Milmar Clear PERM PRO Mercury

    Clear Polyester film, top coated , designed for transparent labels, two-way signs ,windows emblems and protective coverings. High performance solvent based adhesive.

    Polyester (PVC free), 2 year(s)

  • Mactac Laminating film Permafun Coarse Grain Wood

    Permafun Coarse Grain Wood

    Coarse grain wood texture effect. Satin polymeric PVC 120 µm - Fire certification M1

    Polymeric PVC, 5 year(s)

  • MACmark - MacGlide Top Coat

    2 component pure silicone blinder technology composed of MacGlide Top Coat Base & MacGlide Top Coat hardener used as fouling release finish top coat for MacGlide Foil system

    Silicone based edge sealer, 5 year(s)

  • Wrapping Films - Mactac ColourWrap Series

    Full car wraps demand the best possible flexibility and ease of use. The Mactac ColourWrap Series offers - in cast quality - 50 different coloured wrapping films. That includes gloss, gloss metallic, matt and matt metallic finishes.

    Cast PVC

  • MACal Glass Decor Window Etch Film

    Window Etch Film is a monomeric translucent vinyl film coated with a highly cohesive acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive. Protecting the adhesive is a high quality siliconized kraft paper.

    Monomeric PVC

  • DecoSilky


    Printable woven polyester textile 135 gr/sqm, permanent adhesive.

    Polyester (PVC free)

  • MACscreen - Milmar TC Dull Silver

    Matt bright silver polyester (PET) film, 25 µm, high dimensional stability

    Polyester (PVC free), 2 year(s)

  • SQUID window textile films

    Squid is a self-adhesive, transparent fabric which enables you to see out during the day, but largely restricts people outside from being able to look in.

    Polyethylene, 5 year(s)

  • FloorGrip

    Anti-slippery laminate - Clear matt 150 µm structured PVC film - Specially designed for indoor and outdoor floor applications - Rated R11 according to DIN 51130

    Polymeric PVC, 3 month(s)

  • MACscreen - Solid Foil TC

    Dull silver pure aluminium foil 40 µm, top coated for screen, letterpress and offset UV ink receptivity.

    Aluminum foil, 2 year(s)

  • MACmark - MacGlide Foil

    Thanks to its non-stick properties, MacGlide antifouling protects the hull from the colonization of marine micro-organisms without spreading toxic substances into the ocean.

    Composite film (silicone technology), 5 year(s)

  • MACmark - GlassMovie

    Rear projection film which turns your shop windows into unexpected dynamic digital displays

    Polymeric PVC, 5 year(s)

  • HORIzon TM

    Self-healing, optically clear, ultra conformable glossy, soft 35 µm polyurthane overlaminate (PVC free). Very resistant to abrasions.

    PU (PVC free), 7 year(s)