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  • MACmark - MacGlide Foil

    Thanks to its non-stick properties, MacGlide antifouling protects the hull from the colonization of marine micro-organisms without spreading toxic substances into the ocean.

    Composite film (silicone technology), 5 year(s)

  • Permafun Frost

    Permacolor - Permafun Frost

    Ice crystal structured effect. Satin, cadmium-free clear 150 µm polymeric vinyl - Fire certification M1

    Polymeric PVC, 3 year(s)

  • MACmark - GlassMovie

    Rear projection film which turns your shop windows into unexpected dynamic digital displays

    Polymeric PVC, 5 year(s)

  • MACscreen - MacLitho PERM HM

    White matt top-coated synthetic, polyolefin film, 100 µm, two sided coated. For the production of signs, emblems, high print quality, can be reprinted.

    Polyolefin (PVC free), 2 year(s)

  • Permacolor - HORIzon TM

    Self-healing, optically clear, ultra conformable glossy, soft 35 µm polyurthane overlaminate (PVC free). Very resistant to abrasions.

    PU (PVC free), 7 year(s)

  • Wrapping Films - TF Iridescent

    Iridescent blue-green or fushia-green soft cast wrapping film. 100 µm. It has 2 colours according to the viewing angle

    Cast PVC, 4 year(s)

  • IMAGin - WW Leather

    White PVC film textured Leather 250 µm with a High Tack permanent adhesive

    PVC, 1 year(s)

  • Peramfun Leather Tex

    Permacolor - Permafun Leathertex

    Leather texture effect. 150 µm polymeric vinyl film (elephant skin-like) - Fire certification M1

    Polymeric PVC, 3 year(s)

  • MACmark - MacGlide Primer & Repair

    Silicone-based primer & repair coat for MacGlide Foil system

    Silicone based edge sealer, 5 year(s)

  • MACscreen - MacSilky

    White rayon acetate cloth, impregnated with resin, satin finish, ca. 130 gr/sqm

    Acetate clothe, 2 year(s)

  • Mactac Sealer

    Colorless edge sealant that adheres perfectly on different surfaces

  • Permafun Peach Skin

    Permacolor - Permafun Peach Skin

    Peach skin texure, polymeric PVC 600 µm - Fire certification M1

    Polymeric PVC, 5 year(s)

  • Permacolor - StreetLam

    Anti-slippery laminate - Clear satin clear 385 µm highly structured PVC film - Specially designed for outdoor floor applications - Rated R12 according to DIN 51130

    Polymeric PVC, 6 month(s)

  • IMAGin - StreetRap

    White matt calendered PVC film specially designed for bitumen applications, 85 µm for outdoor sidewalk and parking lot floor graphics.

    Polymeric PVC, 3-6 month(s)

  • Wrapping Films - TF Velvet

    Flocked cast vinyl, 900 µm, with velvet appearence and touch, 900 µm

    Cast PVC, 4 year(s)

  • WW Veneziano

    White matt textured PVC 300 µm, with a brushed organic texture for indoor wall decoration

    PVC, 1 year(s)

  • MACmark - WallCHALKER

    Textured black matt intermediate film for chalkboard applications - Fire certification M1

    Monomeric PVC, 4 year(s)

  • Squeegee Europe

    Red plastic soft squeegee


    Felt Squeegee

    Ideal for lettering applications

  • Mactac white Squeegee

    White Squeegee PA

    White plastic, hard squeegee,

  • MACmark - MACtransfer 100 High Grade

    Latex impregnated paper stock coated with a high tack removable adhesive

    Paper (PVC free)

  • MACmark - MACtransfer 215

    Latex impregnated paper stock coated with a medium tack rubber based removable adhesive

    Paper (PVC free)

  • MACmark - MACtransfer 220

    Paper application tape, 85 g/sqm, coated with a Medium tack rubber based removable adhesive

    Paper (PVC free)

  • MACmark - MacTransfer 400

    Clear polyethylene application tape, 80 µm, coated with a clear removable adhesive with low tack properties


  • MACmark - MACtransfer 500

    Clear polyethylene application tape, 120 µm, coated with a clear removable adhesive with medium tack properties