Mactac Car Wrap Training v2


The Mactac Car Wrap training offers an extensive introductory course to the field of vehicle wrapping.


The training is divided into 2 parts:

  • Theory: You will learn about pressure-sensitive application films, their composition (cast vs calendered products, and type of application), digital printing and lamination products for car wrapping applications, and we’ll focus on the Mactac ColourWrap series.
  • Hands-on: You will learn how to apply the products to slightly curved surfaces, as well as the 3D application techniques (wrapping car bumpers and side mirrors).


  • If you are a distributor, please contact your Sales representative to get more information about the Mactac training.
  • If you are a installer/converter, please contact your Distributor to get more information about the Mactac training.

Gain hands-on application experience and build your confidence with the individual assistance of a certified Mactac Trainer.

Further information:

  • Mactac trainers are certified by the Avery Dennison corporation
  • 1 day training, located at our Distributors
  • Basic experience required
  • Get to know our Mactac trainers, exchange ideas and experience!
  • Tackle the fundamental aspects of applying graphics films and understand how materials behave

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