Asset Download Portal

Need Mactac pictures or logo ? Find them on our Asset Download Portal

This portal has been developed to offer our customers and partners a fast and easy way to download HD pictures and branding assets such as logos and brand guidelines You can search for and download assets from this portal to promote the Mactac Brand in your marketing literature or websites.

A brand new tool to support our customers and partners

How to search ? 

Search for the pictures or brand asset you need by entering keywords in the search button. Examples of keywords : interior decoration, outdoor decoration, car, boat, bus, train, floor graphics, window,.... 

The system will display all the pictures/assets that match your search.

You will then be able to download all the displayed assets at once by clicking "download all" but you can also choose to download them individually by clicking on the download button appearing on each thumbnail.

Access Mactac Asset Download Portal