Discover our anti-graffiti solutions

Graffiti is a widespread problem that ruins the aesthetic appeal of many public places.

It’s also especially detrimental to company buildings, billboards and houses that are for rent or for sale. Besides being unsightly, spray paint damages walls, concrete structures and facades and costs a considerable amount to have removed. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to prevent graffiti ‘artists’ from ruining your billboards and exterior walls: meet our anti-graffiti laminates coated with a self-adhesive. They make removing graffiti child’s play, saving you a lot of money on cleaning products and services.


Anti-graffiti solutions

An anti-graffiti laminate is the most effective solution by far. These protective adhesive films can be applied to walls and most flat or slightly curved surfaces. The films are transparent, so you can also use them to protect decorative prints or glazed surfaces against permanent graffiti damage. Mactac’s anti-graffiti laminates are easy to clean, yet almost impossible to rip or tear.  

Anti-graffiti gel

To make your anti-graffiti laminate even easier to clean, Mactac has developed a special anti-graffiti gel called TagAway. It’s completely biodegradable yet fireproof, super strong and highly effective. The gel is available through your local Mactac distributor.

Anti-graffiti laminating films

At Mactac we continually update and improve our laminating films. Do you prefer a matt, glossy, lustre or transparent finish? We’ve got just the thing you’re looking for! Be sure to check out our non-PVC, solvent and phthalate-free films as well.