Mactac Europe X Tape Over Berlin

20 April 2022
Mactac Europe sponsors Tape Over team, helping to create unique artwork installations.

As part of its mission to support the development of both innovative graphics and highly original art, Mactac Europe has initiated a sponsorship with Tape Over, the Berlin-based tape art team. Tape Over started in Berlin, and has since expanded internationally thanks to a unique style that incorporates components from a variety of different arts including street and urban art.

They use the location and its story to add intensity to their artworks, and draw inspiration from shapes and forms. Tape Over artists seek to overcome the limits of tape art and of their own creativity, and the collaboration with Mactac began when it became apparent that they were already creating some exceptional projects using Mactac products. 

About this project 

Tape Over’s project for sports brand PUMA®‘s German headquarters was part of an internal campaign to redesign the company’s premises. The goal was to take a step further into the digital age, and provide a unique experience for PUMA employees. 

The project involved two parts. First, Tape Over transformed the hallway that forms the PUMA headquarters main entrance, making it a virtual step into the digital world. The radical design uses the face of a puma surrounded by a colorful “glitch” effect as a central visual element. Symbolically, as employees take each step into the hallway, the art installation changes from 3D pieces to floor and wall art - all made using Mactac products.


In the second part, another artwork was constructed on the windows at the end of the hallway. It shows the determined eyes of a puma, symbolizing the essence of the PUMA brand.

These very striking art pieces were the first thing employees saw when they re-entered their office in 2022. Puma’s ambition throughout this project was to send a powerful message to its employees, and to encourage them as they began a new year. This entire project was constructed using cut-out tapes from Mactac’s MACal 8900 PRO and MACal 9700 PRO series.

“The materials are easy to work with… either you cut out shapes with scissors when the material is on the silicone sheet, or you cut out the material directly on the surface after you put it on.” (Robert König - Founder & Creative Director, 2022)


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