Embracing Sustainability In Graphics - A Conversation With The Graphical Tree

19 April 2024
London-based The Graphical Tree specializes in display graphics - installing everything from large-format prints and signage through to decals and retail windows. Sustainability lies at the heart of their values, and they are pursuing many exciting initiatives.

We spoke to Simon McClelland Morris, co-founder and director at The Graphical Tree, to hear his thoughts on how sustainability has evolved within the industry, and which factors are key to future progress. 

The Graphical Tree emphasizes sustainable media, recycling, and reusing material for less waste. Simon highlighted how COVID-19 increased sustainability awareness, giving rise to even more customer requests - especially from larger brands. He sees his role as enabling and informing customers.

“It’s up to us to suggest sustainable materials to the customer and educate them. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way and hopefully empowers them going forward.”

- Simon McClelland Morris (Co-founder, The Graphical Tree)

Simon believes that the industry needs to transition away from non-recyclable or non-reusable materials, and collaboration with suppliers, clients, and other partners is essential to achieve this. Sharing knowledge helps customers to better understand sustainable options and encourages them to make informed choices. 

Together with partners like The Graphical Tree, Avery Dennison is working to educate and support brands and service providers so they can easily make more sustainable choices. 

For more information about our sustainability commitment, you can visit our sustainability page on our website and take a look at our new Sustainability FAQ page.