Inspire and impress with Mactac Signage Solutions

Grab your customers' attention & create emotions with our extensive range of signage products that ensure strong lasting impressions of your brand. Whether it's promotional, informational, decorative or directional, tailor the designs and implementation exactly to your needs and your space with the right films.

Create bespoke signage with Mactac marking films

Create a strong brand image and increase customer interest with high-quality signage and marking films from Mactac. 

Get brand colour consistency

Achieve uniform colour perception across signages with our consistent colours. With our Colour Match service, perfectly match almost any colour you need to do your magic.

Perfect for interior or exterior application

Our high-performing and superior quality products help brands send out impactful messages on most interior and exterior applications.

Superior quality adhesive

Mactac offers high-quality products which guarantee impeccable visuals that do not peel during their service life. From bubble-free to high tack options, our films offer multiple adhesive options to meet your every need.

Advertising and Promotion

New business and marketing opportunities come and go in a flash. Be it for exhibitions, point of Purchase promotions, short-term signages or shop window displays, the Mactac marking films are suitable for a large number of applications.

  • MACal 8300
  • MACal 8000
  • MACal 1000 Mirror
  • MACal 1100 Print & Cut Mirror

Branding & Signage

Don’t get lost in the crowd, catch your customers’ eye with unique and impressive signages. Using Mactac signage films in your signature brand colours and an exceptional graphic design can make your signage more effective and visually impactful.

  • MACal 9700 Pro (ASEAN only)
  • MACal 9800 Cast
  • MACal 9800 Pro

Windows & Glass decorations

Window decoration films enable you to customize windows and glass in commercial or private areas. They provide you with amazing real estate opportunities for long or short-term branding with elegant and impressive graphic designs.

  • MACal Glass Decor Series

Speciality Solutions

Specialty vinyl films that enable  you to customize your walls and create top of the range wall decorations 

  • MACmask
  • MACphospho 110