Case Study: a live Tape Art installation performance at the Paris Motor Show 2023

17 July 2023
Products that were used: MACal 8900 Pro/White and MACal 9849-54 Pro/Green


The German electric car manufacturer e.GO is a radical innovator in the industry, currently focusing on their sustainable ‘e.wave smart’ car - with its replaceable and recyclable polymer outer skin and smart and replaceable batteries. They needed a striking booth for the Paris Motor Show in 2022, and asked The Tape Over art collective to help.

Founded in Berlin in 2011, Tape Over uses colored tape to create stunning murals, installations and live performances for events, advertising, and cultural projects. Mactac materials took center stage when the team set about creating a look that would stop motor show visitors in their tracks.


Tape artist Robert König with another artist and art director Stephan van Kuyk executed the project. Their contrasting styles produce exceptional outcomes - Robert’s style is more geometric and abstract, while Stephan’s style is more figurative and playful. They were inspired by the design of the car and its fresh color, so decided to create two figurative motifs and connect them with some dynamic lines symbolizing electricity and inner-city traffic.

The solution also went much further - it was based on a live artistic performance, with the artwork gradually created in front of visitors to grab their attention. MACal 8900 Pro/white and MACal 9849-54 Pro/Green yellow were used, not least for their arresting color. e.GO said that the green- yellow Mactac film looked “even better than their own brand color.”


The booth used two pieces of tape art on the two exterior walls, connected with dynamic, electrifying lines. Two initial sketches were made, but most of the work took place on site as Robert and Stephen created the two tape art pieces live. Many passers-by were interested in what they were doing, and asked them many questions about their art form and their materials, but crucially also about the car and the whole design concept of the stand.

“We enjoy working with all Mactac products because they are high-quality films with a wide range of colors. We’d recommend them to artists at any level because they’re so easy to work with. We also use Mactac films for tape art workshops, because even beginners can work with these products and get creative. It was great to work with the friendly Mactac team on this project - they are always responsive and offer a lot of professional advice on how to use their products..” - Robert König

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A live Tape Art installation performance at the Paris Motor Show 2023