Full car wraps demand the best possible flexibility and ease of use. The Mactac ColourWrap Series offers - in cast quality - 50 different coloured wrapping films.

Digital Monomeric JT and LF 8000 Series
Flat but never boring!

Check out our new Mactac brand film

Avery Dennison and Mactac are set to ‘wow’ customers at this year’s FESPA 2019 with a stunning new display booth filled with a range of their latest creations, featuring the Avery Dennison and Mactac brands.

Mactac Creative Awards

You are an printer, converter, graphic designer. Submit your projects, your creativity is highly rewarded.


Bright Young Things Competition

“Bright Young Things Take Hackney” - BIG REVEAL event in London 


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Mactac Europe
Mactac Europe 3 days 12 hours ago.

Installing any cool projects this week - don't forget to take some pics! 📸🤩 We're looking for the creative minds working with Mactac products. And anyone can enter: https://www.mactaccreativeawards.com/ Deutsch:https://www.mactaccreativeawards.com/de/ Français:https://www.mactaccreativeawards.com/fr/ Español:https://www.mactaccreativeawards.com/es/ Italiano:https://www.mactaccreativeawards.com/it/ #MCA #DoYourMagic

Mactac Europe
Mactac Europe 5 days 14 hours ago.

Life's too short for conventional graphics! 😎 The JT 9500 series are designed for medium-term applications and install easily on flat and slightly curved surfaces. Read more: https://bit.ly/30L2M03

Mactac Europe
Mactac Europe 1 week 1 day ago.

Congratulations to Studio Grafico Arcobaleno The Mactac Creative Awards winner for of July. 🥇 Great work!🤩 See their fantastic project here: https://www.mactaccreativeawards.com/projects/saldi/ Want to become a winner? Enter MCA: https://www.mactaccreativeawards.com/

Mactac Europe
Mactac Europe 2 weeks 17 hours ago.

Hurry up! 😎🤩 Just one day left to submit your Mactac Creative Awards project for the month of July!👍 Enter now: https://www.mactaccreativeawards.com/ DE:https://www.mactaccreativeawards.com/de/ FR:https://www.mactaccreativeawards.com/fr/ ES:https://www.mactaccreativeawards.com/es/ IT:https://www.mactaccreativeawards.com/it/ #MCA #DoYourMagic