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Discover the brand new range of Mactac Installation Liquids

Mactac now offers three different installation liquids designed to support applicators before, during and after the self-adhesive film application process: Mactac Cleaner, Mactac Application Fluid and Mactac Remover

Need some tools and potions to do your magic? Discover the new Mactac Applcation Tool Kit: Mactac offers a wide range of application tools aimed to ease your application jobs and help you achieve the best results Learn more about the offer!

Mactac Europe
Mactac Europe 1 week 16 hours ago.

Cheering up a children's hospital - a project that really counts, and a masterclass in creativity. Applause for E-walls in Dubai:

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Mactac Europe 1 week 1 day ago.

MACtac Creative Awards - Congratulations to megamark for its Silver Medal !

A l'occasion de l'Euro 2016, Colette & Coca-Cola ont choisi de communiquer de manière ludique et décalée en décorant la façade extérieure de la boutique à partir des visuels créatifs de l'illustrateur Maztrone. Coordonné par l'agence Blackrainbow, ce projet a nécessité près de 300 m² de...

Concept stores are a widespread phenomenon, but few have a status that comes close to the Parisian boutique, Colette. Check out this eye-catching collaboration with Coca-Cola we were happy to take part in: Join the Mactac community here:

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Mactac Europe 2 weeks 17 hours ago.

Office cupboards with style - take a look at the dramatic difference made possible by Mactac digital films.